Out of the total sanctioned intake, 75% of the seats are reserved for candidates from U.T. of Puducherry and 25% of the seats reserved for candidates from other states/UTs, for the PG programmes (M.Tech., MCA, M.Sc., and MBA) offered in Puducherry Technological University. The reservation in admission to the government quota seats (only 'PY' category) in various Post Graduate programmes (M.Tech., MCA, and MBA.) offered by the Unaided Private Professional colleges, are given below:

NOTE: Candidate must furnish Digitally Verified caste/community certificate issued by the Department of Revenue & Disaster Management, Puducherry.

4.1 Scheduled Caste Candidates (SC)

Candidates claiming admission under this category should belong to a caste which is recognized as Scheduled Caste under “The Constitution (Pondicherry) Scheduled Castes Order 1964” dated 05.03.1964, read with “The Constitution (Scheduled Caste) orders (Second Amendment) Act 2002 (Central Act 61 of 2002) and should enclose the required certificate issued by an Officer of the Department of Revenue & Disaster Management., Puducherry, not below the rank of Deputy Tahsildar.

4.2 Scheduled Tribe Candidates (ST)

Candidates claiming admission under this category should belong to a caste which is recognized as Scheduled Tribe under “the Constitution (Puducherry) Scheduled Tribes Order 2016” dated 22.12.2016 and should enclose the required certificate issued by an Officer of the Department of Revenue & Disaster Management, Puducherry, not below the rank of Deputy Tahsildar.

4.3 Other Backward Classes (OBC), Most Backward Classes (MBC), Extreme Backward Classes (EBC), Backward Classes Muslims (BCM) and Backward Tribes (BT) Candidates

Candidates claiming admission under these categories should enclose the recent OBC/MBC/EBC/BCM/BT certificate issued by an Officer of the Department of Revenue and Disaster Management, not below the rank of Deputy Tahsildar.

4.4 Freedom Fighter Category (FF) Candidates

Candidates claiming admission under this category should be: Children / Grand Children of Freedom Fighters, and they should enclose the necessary certificate issued by the Officer-in-charge, Freedom Fighters Cell, U.T. of Puducherry.

4.5 Wards of Ex-service Men (ESM) Candidates

Those who are registered as Ex-servicemen in the Department of Sainik Welfare (DSW), Govt. of Puducherry, and have got Ex-servicemen/Widow of Ex-servicemen identity card from DSW, should enclose the necessary certificate issued by the Director, DSW, Puducherry.

4.6 Persons with Disabilities (PwD)

The Candidates seeking admission under this category should produce a full size photograph exhibiting the deformity. The Physically Challenged candidates with ‘locomotor disorder of lower limbs between 40% and 70%’, are only eligible under the PwD quota.

4.7 Meritorious Sports Person Category (MSP)

Candidates claiming admission under sports category should have excellent caliber in sports and games, with consistency in sports activities. The purpose of this quota is to recognize and give weightage to the sports merit of the candidates and hence marks for sports achievements alone, with good performance in sports events will be considered for selection.

The highest achievement of the candidates in only one annual tournament under the listed sports disciplines in a year will be considered for awarding marks. Selection of candidates will be based on the marks obtained by the candidates following the guidelines given in the Government of Puducherry. G.O. Ms.53 dated 24th May 2012 and G.O. Ms. No 6 dated 14th March, 2018 of Chief Secretariat (Higher & Technical Education),Puducherry.

Priority and Type of Achievement

  1. International Achievement

  2. Recognized National Achievement

  3. Recognized South Zone Achievement

  4. Recognized State level Achievement

  5. Recognized State Championships

  6. District/Regional/Zonal Level Achievements

The list of Sports Discipline eligible for seats under sports quota is given below:

1) Archery 2) Athletics 3) AtyaPatya 4) Badminton 5) Ball Badminton 6) Basketball 7) Billiards and Snookers 8) Boxing 9) Gymnastics 10) Handball 11) Hockey 12) Judo 13) Kabaddi 14) Karate do 15) Kayaking and canoeing 16) KhoKho 17) Polo 18) Power lifting 19) Rifle shooting 20) Roller Skating 21) Bridge 22) Carrom 23) Chess 24) Cricket

25) Cycling 26) Equestrian Sports 27) Foot ball 28) Golf 29) Rowing 30) Softball 31) Squash 32) Swimming 33) Table Tennis 34) TaekWondo 35) Tennikoit 36) Tennis 37) Volley ball 38) Weightlifting 39) Wresting 40) Yachting.

General Conditions for Sports Quota:

  • For Consideration of candidates seeking admission under the category of Sports Person, he/she should enclose attested photo copies of participation certificates and the certificate in the prescribed forms issued by the relevant sports authorities along with the application.

  • Participation/Achievements in sports/games shown in the above list, immediately preceding five years to the year for which admission is sought for, will alone be taken into account. National/State Level Championships/Tournaments conducted by Organizations/Federations recognized by Indian Olympic Association/Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, New Delhi, alone will be considered for award of marks (Recognition by the Indian Olympic Association /Ministry of Youth and Sports, New Delhi, should be relevant to the years concerned).

  • The relevant attested copies of the certificates issued by the appropriate authorities as detailed in the G.O Ms.53 dt.24.05.2012, are to be submitted along with the application.

  • Open /Invitational Tournaments of any kind will not be considered.

  • For Tennis Achievements, Top 3 players by his/her position in the ranking list published by ATTA based on the ranking rules and the final rankings of previous 4 years will be awarded marks for achievements and participation (Necessary forms from Associations are to be enclosed)

  • For Cricket, the Annual Official Championship / Tournaments conducted within the country under the auspices of BCCI at District / State National Level alone, will be taken into consideration for that year.

  • Only Union territory of Puducherry candidates are eligible to apply for admission under Sports Quota.

  • All the achievement certificates are to be supported necessarily by the relevant participation Certificates and appropriate Form / Certificates.

  • No further enclosures of certificates will be entertained after the last date for submission of completed application.

  • A Candidate can utilize the sports quota only once for these admissions.

A Committee will be constituted to scrutinize the applications received under this category and will rank the candidates based on the marks assigned to the certificates enclosed along with the application and the sports merit list will be published in the website.

The comprehensive details of vertical and Horizontal reservations are listed below.

(*) Reservation for all the categories shall be carried out based on the G.Os. in vogue and modified by the Government from time to time and on merit basis only.

(**) Horizontal Reservation: Seats reserved/allocated under these categories will become operational, only if, the minimum number of seats earmarked for each of these categories is not filled up, under normal process of selection in any other category.