Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

1. I have pending arrears in lower semesters. Can I apply.

Ans: Yes, you can apply. However you will be included in the merit list if you clear all papers and submit the marks before publication of merit list.

2. I am studying in a college affiliated to Pondicherry University. My pre-final semester (7th semester for B.Tech and 5th Semester for B.Sc. etc.) results are not yet published. Can I submit the application.

Ans : You can wait for the pre-final semester results and then submit the application. If the University does not publish the results by the last date given in the brochure, then the last date for submission will be extended.

3. I studied in a college affiliated to Tiruvalluvar University / Madras University / Bharathiar University/Bharathidasan University. Whether I have to enter grades or grade points in the application.

Ans: If you studied/are studying in one of the above Universities or the University that give grade points and marks in the mark sheet, then you have to enter credits and grade points in the Application.

4. I belongs to PU/PTU/NIT, Karaikal/ SASTRA/Sathyabama. Whether I have to enter grades or grade points in the application.

Ans : If you belongs to one of the above Universities/Institutions or the University that give grades in the mark sheet, then you have to enter credits and grades (S, A,B, C …) in the Application.

5. The University in which I studied follows marks system. They do not follow grade system. What I have to enter in the Application?

Ans : You have to enter marks in the marks/grades column. Fill the credits Column with ‘1’.

6. Can I Submit Permanent Integrated Certificate (PIC ) instead of Digitally verified caste/residency certificate.

Ans : No. You must furnish digitally verified residence and caste certificate issued by Department of Revenue and disaster management, Puducherry.

7. I have submitted online application and forgotten to submit the hard copy. Whether my application will be considered for admission.

Ans : No. The application process will be completed only after we receive the hard copy of the application.

8. I have not yet received marks statement from University. Can I upload self attested down loaded copy of marks?

Ans : In case you have not received marks statement in any of the semesters, then upload the scanned copy of the marks statement signed by Head of the Institution/Head of the Department. The self-attested downloaded copies of marks will not be considered.

9. Whether I have to Submit Digitally verified Nationality Certificate?

Ans: No. You can submit the scanned copy of old nationality certificate.

10. I passed examination in the Year 2020 / or before 2020. Whether I have to Submit all mark sheets.

Ans. You can upload all semester mark sheets. However you have to enter grades/grade points up to prefinal semester ( 7th sem. for B,Tech., and 5th Sem. for B.Sc., B.Com., .....) only. We will consider the CGPA/percentage of marks obtained up to prefinal semester for merit list.

11. I am studying /studied in AP/Telengana where the first is year wise. How I can enter I semester and II semester marks.

Ans. The first year marks / grades/Grade points can be entered in I semester column. The second semester column can be filled with '0'.

12. I am a lateral Entry student. I do not have marks for 1st and 2nd semester. What I Have to fill in the credits and grade columns?

Ans. If you are a Lateral entry student fill first and second semester credits and grade column with '0'.